Profitbuilder 2.0 Review 2017

Profitbuilder 2.0 is going live the 28th of March 2017

Profitbuilder was one of the first and still remains one of the very best WordPress visual editors,created specifically for marketers.

Soon Profitbuilder 2.0 will launched and the internet marketing community are really excited about that.

The plugin was literally revolutionary back in , because it gave individual WordPress users the power to create professional-looking lead capture and sales funnels, without having to hire a team of experts, and without costing
a fortune.

profitbuilder 2.0


Before we get to the review, let’s take a look at the “back office” of ProfitBuilder 2.0, this will give you an idea of what to expect from Sean Donahoe & Co.

Most likely there will be webinars, how-to videos for specific kinds of projects, and full set of detailed tutorials, unannounced extras, bonus content and more.

The demo video of profitbuilder 2.0


It’s a WordPress plugin and it creates gorgeous pages and funnels! It includes + slick pre-built marketing layouts for you to use or modify!

It includes + add-on elements  (buttons, graphics, etc.)!

You can add to any WordPress theme – there’s no limits to how you use it!

It’ll transform WordPress sites into mega profit centers!

It includes n easy-to-use drag-n-drop live visual editor!

It’s professionally coded for fast load times and no conflicts!

It creates SEO optimized pages; fully responsive and mobile ready!

It’s from famous software developer and WordPress expert Sean Donahoe, who has a decade’s long reputation for standing behind his products.


  1. Well, it works with any WordPress theme; and it’s built for speed and reliability.
  2. You cuild sexy, share-worthy marketing pages quickly and easily.
  3. You capture more leads with high-converting opt-in pages.
  4. You can sell more products with beautiful, pro-level sales funnels.
  5. It’s easy to use, with a template-based drag and drop page and funnel builder.
  6. It’s go ready-made pages, graphics and elements for fast builds.
  7. There’s a one-time cost Unlike many other  lead funnel builders, there are no monthly fees.
  8. Save hundreds – even thousands of dollars –annually!

And that’s no bull. When you look at the cost of some of these other applications out there, some of them charge $297 or more per month.


You’ll get world-class support from a dedicated, full-time, English-speaking support team which knows WordPress. And it’s continuously upgraded to stay current with trends, and in response to user requests.

Profitbuilder 2.0 was created in order to allow build any kind of landing page you want, whether you want to start working on your authority, generating leads, build a huge list, get people on your webinars, sell your products.Whatever you need to do to connect with your audience.

Over 100+ Optimize Templates



You will find on profitbuilder with over 100 high-quality templates, that are proven to convert and have everything you need, to take your business and your costumer’s business to the next level.



This is an example of an authority page style as you see in the picture above, you can use it for lead generation or whatever you want to do. It’s simple and clean, you can customize pretty- much every single aspect of this template .

Every template has been optimized for mobile, no matter what mobile device you are on your pages are gonna look absolutely fantastic, and you control every single aspect of your business, rather than putting it in the hands of some third party platform. You own your business.

You will find tons and tons of different styles that can be used for local businesses, digital products, e-commerce. It doesn’t matter what you are doing this easy to deploy and customize for whatever you want with just a few clicks

With profitbuilder 2.0 you can track where your business is and you can turn any page, blog post or any type of content and add it as part of your funnel and track everything all the way through.

Dynamic Split Testing System


You can also run deatailed split-testing, where you get all the stats of what’s going on with the exact persentage of what’s happening in your business, all this with just a few clicks.


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